Charting Success with Brand Helix

Harnessing the Power of Consensus and Creative Mastery

BMDG’s Brand Helix™ program is designed to build consensus among a client’s team as well as express refined insights to facilitate integration into the organization. Our work is not done until the entire team pulls together toward brand success and understands the “why.”

Internal Consensus

What might seem obvious to some is certainly not for others, so the first challenge of any team is to arrive at a mutual understanding. The general principles of a brand can only be applied in a context. The question is: How can we effectively communicate the principles of a brand at the internal level so that they are understood and contextualized? How can we reach a consensus on the definition—the true meaning—of a brand? The answer is Brand Helix.


Effective communication is the challenge of most organizations built from high-functioning expert teams. With stakeholder consensus, Brand Helix is designed to flow insights and strategy from stage to stage.

Share of Voice

Once we have the internal definition of a brand, the next steps are to identify the audience and find out what they think . Targeting can only be as effective as our understanding of how our consumer expects to interact with us.


To build a marketing plan based on the requirements of omnichannel user experience requires specialists for each channel. After specialists are assigned, the next challenge is to integrate the experts so that they can pull together. It can be difficult when they all have their own language and defend their turf. But integration is not enough.

Creative Mastery

The ultimate goal of any practice is mastery. To communicate in a way that inspires consumers to engage with and respond to a brand, we must first integrate in a way that creates appeal, which communicates in a way that consumers will positively engage and respond. Appeal is the creative task. Media companies often toss in the creative as an afterthought or reduce it to a product merely for media. When we say creative, we do not mean just the big idea. It is the big idea identified by insight, deployed across the omnichannel landscape, and measured in order to expand on successes. Attaining brand mastery places us in the hearts of our consumers. This is the BMDG creative difference.