Share of Voice

Who Owns Your Brand? There Are Two Answers: the Obvious One and the One You Hope Is True

One of the most dynamic changes in brand development is the increase in consumer share of voice. The explosion of dynamic media tools has empowered today’s consumers to have a voice that is in many ways equivalent in reach and relevance to that of the brand. Because of this, an authentic, living “brand” is now expressed in many ways.

Until recently, the historical limitations of media forced brands into a one-way expression to the marketplace. But with omnichannel options for distributing messages and the two-way expectations of brand loyalists, the days of rolling everything up to just one thing are fading fast.

Authentic brands are a collection of tensions and even contradictions. Of primary interest are opposing realities. We must compare how the brand expresses its goals and how consumers express themselves in the context of the brand experience.

Which side is more important? It might seem like a chicken-or-egg problem … but if so, then so what? Both sides deserve equal attention. Perhaps the best metaphor is to see the two realities as two sides of the same reality coin.

Heart of Gold

Either way, Brand Helix™ explores both the internal priorities of a brand and those of the consumers who love it. Brand assessment plus dynamic audience targeting leads us to a common language of shared meaning. Once shared meaning is captured, we have the heart of the brand.