The Britton Marketing & Design Group Brand Helix Program

A Method to Identify and Prioritize Opportunities to Best Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

“Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.”  —Blaise Pascal

“Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects.” —Blaise Pascal

We start with questions, not answers. The questions asked by the BMDG Brand Helix program may seem ordinary, but the deliverables are not. In just a few short sessions, we explore, discover, and capture a brand’s core principles and arrange them in new and meaningful ways that, in turn, produce new and surprising results.

Brand Helix

Stage 1: Business Helix

The focus of Business is on discovery and the capture of a brand’s essence. Once we understand the general landscape, objectives, and goals, priority is assigned. Big data yields dynamic targeting of key audiences, and their side of the brand narrative is added to the internal voice.

Stage 2: Brand Helix

Brand Helix explores brand expression. Snapshots of the brand’s history and legacy—and context for both—lead to a view of the future brand horizon.

Stages 1 and 2: Synthesis and Brand DNA—Business Helix and Brand Helix come together in a brand-DNA document. Typical deliverables include:

  • Collateral architecture—historical
  • Collateral architecture—recommended
  • Brand objectives and KPIs
  • Consumer share of voice and core-messaging themes
  • Dynamic audience targeting and consumer personas
  • Consumer surveys, interviews, and focus groups
  • Brand style guides and standards for omnichannel marketing
  • Mission statements
  • Rally cry

Stage 3: Marketing Helix

A brand-DNA document provides the raw material for an integrated, actionable omnichannel marketing plan. Marketing Helix is typically given in two views:

  • A planning deck with all details and sources.
  • A calendar view, where every specialist is assigned their channel. Data, creative, content, and media overlay it all, and everyone gets actionable dates. The thought is Let’s get to work—together.
    • Calendars are set up to reflect the pace of the brand-driving forces. Product launches are considered for product-driven brands, and audience orientation is considered for lifestyle and marketing-driven brands.
    • Drive period—An abbreviated drive-period view may also be suitable for fashion brands with frequent introductions. It’s all on one sheet so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing at a glance.

Helix begins with a quest for the underlying truth. We gather the evidence, identify sets of facts, find symmetry, and articulate realities, even when they may contradict. But in the end, real brands are about imagination. In the end, imagination decides everything.

“Imagination decides everything.” —Blaise Pascal

The BMDG Brand Helix program was created to build better brands. Want to know more? Keep reading.