Britton Marketing & Design Group Creates a Fresh Face for the Leading International Color-Forecasting Organization

Fort Wayne, Indiana—Fort Wayne’s Britton Marketing & Design Group recently unveiled the new logo for the Color Marketing Group (CMG), the largest international organization of color forecasters and color design professionals.

BMDG’s rebranding project began in the spring of 2016 and was capped off with the new logo’s official unveiling at the CMG’s annual International Summit last November. The effort was led by Christy Spencer, BMDG’s vice president of client strategy and brand development. Spencer, who is a member of the CMG, said that consensus around the need for a new logo and a fresh branding strategy began to build after the previous year’s International Summit.

“Ultimately, we decided to hang on to some of the CMG’s brand heritage.”

“CMG’s voice had gone a little flat,” Spencer said. “We realized that we needed to make it come alive again. At Britton, we’re very good at identifying and capturing a brand’s emotion.”

In order to discover the CMG’s brand DNA, Spencer and her team of writers, strategists, and graphic designers created a detailed questionnaire that was then sent to 15 members of the CMG’s leadership team, including St. Paul, Minnesota–based CMG president Susan Hayes Hoover and Judith van Vliet, CMG vice president and a designer at ColorWorks Europe, based in Milan.

Once Spencer and her BMDG team had identified the CMG’s brand DNA, the next step was taking that genetic code and converting it into a logo, what Spencer prefers to call a brand mark.

According to Cody Walz, a graphic designer at BMDG, the team took two different approaches to creating the new brand mark. The first was to retain some aspects of the old logo, and the second approach was to create a totally new concept.

“We explored some pretty far-out options,” Spencer said. “Ultimately, we decided to hang on to some of the CMG’s brand heritage.”

The BMDG team eventually settled on a brand-mark concept that existed somewhere in the middle of the two options. Walz referred to it as a “container” design—an image of a color-filled box surrounded by a circle with similar dynamic colors. According to Walz, this mark will have the ability to grow and evolve as the CMG brand continues to expand in different directions and into different spaces.

For the unveiling in November, the BMDG team came up with the cocktail-party staging, and it also created a rally-cry video to accompany the new brand mark. Needless to say, the packed crowd’s response was enthusiastic.

“There was a lot of energy at the unveiling. And the whole night really provided some much-needed energy for this great organization,” Spencer said.

About Britton Marketing & Design Group
Specializing in brand-centered content creation, Britton Marketing & Design Group has helped some of the world’s most beloved lifestyle brands deepen their connection with consumers. Founded in 2006, the agency works across a wide range of disciplines—including strategy, branding, direct marketing, retail design, digital, and video—with a belief that the best way to illuminate meaningful brands is with great strategy overlaid with inspiring, brand-centered creative. The Fort Wayne–based company counts Arhaus, Sherwin-Williams, HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams, and Pratt & Lambert Paints among its clients.

About the Color Marketing Group
The Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit international association of color design professionals involved in the use of color as it applies to the profitable marketing of goods and services. The CMG provides a forum for the exchange of noncompetitive information relating to all phases of color marketing, color trends and combinations, design influences, merchandising and sales, and education and industry contacts.