Britton Marketing & Design Group’s Holiday Card Judged One of the Best of 2015 by Adweek

In its annual nod to marketing agency holiday cards, Adweek selected Britton Marketing & Design Group’s Goodnight Marketers card as one of its favorites of 2015.

Agencies around the world were asked to submit copies of their unique or out-of-the-box holiday cards, which were then reviewed by the Adweek team. The favored submissions were displayed in a Dec. 18 post, “Agency Holiday Cards 2015: See All of This Year’s Best Season’s Greetings Here,” by Tim Nudd.

The mention resulted in 2,000 additional page views on BMDG’s website over the course of that December weekend. The spike in traffic and recognition from such a respected source in advertising topped off one of BMDG’s most successful years to date.

BMDG’s social media and content strategist Nic Hulting noted, “It’s interesting that for all the successes that we’ve had with our content marketing and digital efforts in 2015, including the growth and the awards, that a digital piece of content that we turned into an ‘analog’ piece of content would garner as many accolades from peers, colleagues, and the industry as it did.”

BMDG’s card originally started out as a creative marketing parody on the children’s book Goodnight Moon—a way for employees to do something fun—but it quickly turned into much more when the parody was formatted into a children’s book and sent to print. Packaged up with cookies and a note about a charitable donation, BMDG’s holiday card was born. It went out to 422 lucky recipients.

Fort Wayne, Indiana­­­–based Britton Marketing & Design Group specializes in brand-centered content creation, helping lifestyle brands forge deeper connections with consumers. Founded in 2006, the agency works across a wide range of disciplines—including strategy, branding, direct marketing, retail design, digital, video, and social—with a belief that the best way to illuminate meaningful brands is with great strategy overlaid with inspiring brand-centered content.